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Warehouse Management System (WMS) Microsoft Dynamics AX


In the highly dynamic world of logistics, a successful distribution network is one that supports just-in-time inventory, order accuracy, and streamlined business practices.   Achieve these and you will have an operation running at optimum efficiency producing a peak operating ratio, and customer satisfaction. SOLOCHAIN™ will produce these results for you, and more.

The SOLOCHAIN™ Warehouse Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX offers more than the conventional WMS. Integrating best-of-breed WMS functionalities means that you can manage your warehouses not as an isolated 4-wall box but as part of a connected material and information network. It integrates dock and yard management, returns management, labour and quality management.

Built on web-based technology, SOLOCHAIN™ offers multi-site capabilities to manage a complex network with one application integrating all your sites as well as your partners, 3PL providers, suppliers and sub-contractors.

The challenge is to manage the material and the information within the entire supply chain and how to enhance value through integration and collaboration. The solution is with our Extended Warehouse Management System.

Real-time visibility and tracking

SOLOCHAIN™ Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides end-to-end inventory tracking and visibility. All material is identified with a unique License Plate (LP) which allows the system to track material with a high level of precision. All events are logged giving you access to detailed, historical data, and real-time visibility of warehouse activities. Insure proactive control and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring with our real-time, dynamic, management dashboard.

Real-time execution

Warehousing operations are complex and require a high level of coordination. SOLOCHAIN™ optimizes execution with user-configurable business rules, logic and algorithms. The work load is dispatched via your RF network and available in real-time on the floor. Workers have real-time access to accurate and complete information.

A WMS adapted to your operational context

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Distribution

The SOLOCHAIN™ WMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a complete Warehouse Management System designed to manage complex distribution facilities and maximize operational efficiency.

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Manufacturing

Managing inventory in support of a manufacturing facility requires flexibility and precision. Whether you manage a warehouse of raw material, work-in-process or finished goods, SOLOCHAIN™ has specific functions that support all types of manufacturing environments.

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-party logistics organizations have unique requirements of their WMS.  Managing multiple clients in the same facility, each with specific demands, involving varying business rules impose unique challenges on 3PL companies.  Meeting these challenges head on with SOLOCHAIN for Third Party Logistics gives you the competitive advantage needed to grow your business and give the best service possible to your existing client base.  Real-time, surgical data capture insures you can account for every movement and product manipulation performed in your warehouse.  


Inbound Functions

  • Order management
  • Receipts tracking
  • Inbound shipments tracking
  • Multiple receiving documents support
  • Customizable data capture
  • Rule-driven put-away methods
  • Product return management
  • Inbound dock management
  • Inbound trailer and yard management
  •  Cross-docking

Warehouse Functions

  • Stocktaking
  • Replenishment
  • Warehouse optimization functions
  • Kitting and value-added services

Outbound Functions

  • Sales order management
  • Wave planning
  • Back order management
  • Multiple rule-driven picking methods
  • Advanced picking (Including Voice recognition)
  • Packing and consolidation
  • Shipment tasks management
  • Load planning and execution
  • Outbound dock management
  • Outbound trailer and yard management


  • Increase real-time visibility
  • Improve order fulfillment  
  • Reduce inventory
  • Achieve high levels of inventory accuracy
  • Reduce warehousing costs
  • Streamline internal business processes
  • Synchronize manufacturing and warehouse accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve resource and material asset planning
  • Increase warehouse velocity
  • Optimize warehouse space
  • Make informed, business critical decisions