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Issue 01 - JUNE 2011

Read the first white paper titled, "The Next Warehouse Generation", and ask yourself if your company is "next generation" ready. The next reading is about raising the bar on bar code standards: get a clear overview of the value GS1 Standards can bring to your company.

Operations managers and executives are constantly being challenged to "Do more with less". Sologlobe's white paper, "Integrated Slotting", and the Atkearney's study "Outside the Box Distribution", examine ways to optimize your operations and gain a substantial competitive advantage.

Finally, some very good news for North American manufacturers in "Made in the USA, again…" This article explains how China's rising labour costs have chiselled away at the cost-savings once implicit in off-shoring.

Issue 02 - JULY 2011

Last month Sologlobe, a leader of choice for its supply chain solution, launched the inaugural edition of SOLOMEDIA. This monthly media platform provides readers in the Microsoft Dynamics community with vitally relevant and informative articles pertaining to the world of warehouse management and manufacturing execution. We are pleased that you enjoyed the last edition, as evidenced by your overwhelmingly positive feedback and look forward to bringing you more insightful information.

Issue 03 - SEPTEMBER 2011

Read how a strong supply chain network can be the key to your company surviving a financial crisis in "Five Strategies for Improving Inventory Management Across Complex Supply Chain Networks". Then if you have a little free time this Labor Day weekend, read about the pros and pitfalls of globalization in "The World is Flat". This socially and economically relevant book by renowned journalist, Thomas L. Friedman, is this month's "Recommended Reading".