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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


New Challenges in Manufacturing

No matter what your industry, the ever-evolving world of manufacturing and global standardization initiatives demand that you keep ahead of the game.   Keeping on top of changes in processes and technology is vital to the overall health and growth of your company.

The following components make up a ‘scorecard’ by which most manufacturing organizations are measured:

  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Increasing return on assets
  • Improving product quality
  • Increasing customer and market responsiveness

Under this context, many initiatives are taking places around the following concepts:

  • Adaptive manufacturing
  • Supply chain synchronization
  • Lean manufacturing, real time inventory visibility and control
  • Product recall and traceability
  • Quality management, Labour management

SOLOCHAIN™ MES for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a Manufacturing Execution System that will achieve World Class Manufacturing status for your organization.



SOLOCHAIN™ MES solution is a complete solution for manufacturing operations with extended functionalities for managing quality, traceability, manufacturing execution, operations & material costing and global performance in one fully integrated application.

Traceability and Genealogy

  • Final product recall
  • Raw material recall
  • Ascending genealogy
  • Descending genealogy
  • Rework tracking

Production Planning

  • Multi-site planning
  • Multi-station planning

Work Order Management

  • Work Order dispatching
  • Work instruction display

Inventory Control

  • Raw material inventory
  • WIP visibility
  • Electronic Kanban for replenishment

BOM Management

  • Multiple versioning
  • Cost control

Quality Control

  • Checklists
  • Non Conformity Reports (NCRs)
  • Returns management


Shop floor control

From creating a production schedule to dispatching and real-time tracking of work orders (WO) to production data capture for labour management and traceability requirements, SOLOCHAIN™ MES is a complete, powerful tool. Integrating various mobile technologies ensures that the information is available in real-time directly on the production floor. Production schedules are visible directly at the production stations. Operators use hand-held devices to confirm material movement. Real-time execution enables real time visibility.

Recall management

Product and ingredient recalls demand immediate attention.  Consider that a product recall costs more 5 timesre than the initial distribution.  With SOLOCHAIN™, traceability is imbedded in the manufacturing process, allowing for SOLOCHAIN™, traceability becomes part of the manufacturing process, allowing for split second recall reports, including rework tracking, real-time inventory, visibility and control.

Since all products are uniquely identified, complete product life-cycle tracking is available. Based on this data, detailed information is available for dynamic dashboards using key performance indicators giving you proactive control. The user is always one click away from accurate real-time information that allows him/her to make better decisions.

Integrating production and warehouse functions

Warehousing and production operations are complex and require a high level of coordination. SOLOCHAIN™ optimizes execution of tasks using different user-configurable business rules and algorithms. The workload can be dispatched via a radio frequency (RF) network directly to the operators on the floor. Everyone knows what to do, and everything is done in the right sequence with a high level of accuracy. Exceptions are quickly identified by the system and reported for proper actions.

Real time quality control

SOLOCHAIN™ enables real time check-list data gathering and automatically gives corrective actions when an unexpected result is entered. Electronic signatures cover verifications to help ensure precise  quality control.

SOLOCHAIN™ manages both material and operational costs for accurate cost control. This information can easily be integrated with an ERP / accounting software program.