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Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage Industry is undergoing major changes that impact significantly on logistic operations. SOLOCHAIN provides a wide range of functionalities in order to support logistics processes specific to the food and beverage industry.

Food Safety and Brand Risk Avoidance Are Top Priorities.

Food quality and safety concerns are among the most important issues facing food and beverage companies today.  Consumer and government concerns over food safety have increased dramatically.  As well, power retailers and government regulators are demanding improved supply chain visibility to increase safety and efficiency.  New food safety regulations and standards including higher requirements by power retailers such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour are major concerns for all food and beverage companies.

Food safety issues and food security are now among the top priorities for food & beverage companies. Loss of consumer confidence in your company or brand can mean loss of an entire product line or even ruin of the company itself.  Companies have historically put in place extensive resources toward establishing and maintaining brand value, but too little toward minimizing brand risk.  With a growing number of examples of food security issues, consumer confidence is at an all time low.

Industry Challenges:


Recognizing that to recall a product costs five times more than it does to distribute it, food & beverage companies are keenly interested in brand risk avoidance.  Product recall costs can be enormous, particularly if a company exports products or is seeking new markets.  Other costs, such as cleaning up the manufacturing unit or destroying certain batches and business interruptions, often lead to major profit losses.


In order to optimize your operations, the level of complexity for material management in the food and beverage industry is very high. SOLOCHAIN manages complex date or data handling with LEFO, LIFO, FIFO and FEFO capabilities and advanced functionality for customer shelf-life requirements. It supports catch weight requirements by capturing weights on the inbound and/or outbound, noting out-of-tolerance conditions and recording weights at the pallet, case or shipment line level.


SOLOCHAIN offers many capabilities in order to satisfied specific customers requirements:

  • Kitting and Valued Added Services (VAS)
  • Compliances/ Private Labeling
  • Web-Based Inventory and Tracking Visibility for Supply Chain Partners/Customers
  • EDI transactions


To have complete traceability capability of a product is an imperative in today’s environment. Our Traceability Management solution provides you with complete visibility and end-to-end tracking methods that allow you to manage in real time, your inventories across the entire supply chain. All material is identified with a unique License Plate (LP) which allows the system to track material with a high level of precision (considering lot number, serial number, expiration date, etc.). Also, all events are logged to have detailed historical information and complete real-time visibility of supply chain activities. For production operations, the system tracks all material used through the different production stages, providing a complete and detailed traceability chain from raw material to finished product. The system includes complete recall mechanisms and ingredients tracking.

In the food and beverage industry not only do you face intense competition and requirements to comply with multiples regulations, you must meet extremely tight margins in the manufacture and distribution of your products. SOLOCHAIN helps you manage all supply chain activities with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.