Analytics Tracking

Enterprise Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Mobility for the Field Operation

In order to maintain and enforce a high level of accuracy, transaction functionalities are available on mobile devices using radio-frequency and cellular network, allowing asset management transactions directly from the field. Operators have access to real time information while transactions are validated and recorded, in real-time, in the central database.

Integrating RFID tracking technology

Sologlobe has developed partnership in order to offer solutions using cutting edge technology to ensure the traceability of your assets. Whether you need passive or active RFID, or triangulation with our RTLS (Real time location system), our solutions can detect your assets within several hundred meters and, when required, they can deliver precision down to a few centimetres to provide the location of any assets

Configuration Status Accounting Tool

SOLOCHAIN's configuration module is a Configuration Status Accounting tool. The material configuration model is designed to capture, track and report engineering changes as well as configuration design revisions. It can track forward and backward compatibility, accommodating all possible cardinalities between parent-child revisions and multiple configurations. Configuration nodes have attributes for status information, with links to applicable design source documents. Interchangeable components can be configured for Global reach or specific position. Revision history can be retrieved from baseline configuration up to current status, along with event time stamps. The model accommodates interchangeable items, replacement items, substitute items and waivers. SOLOCHAIN's Asset Configuration Management module is consistent with Configuration Management Plans implementing international standards, including ISO 10007, ANSI / IEA 649 and MIL-STD-973.


  • Asset visibility
  • Inventory / warehouse management
  • Transit inventory management
  • Life cycle management
  • Work order management
  • Configuration management
  • Non-conformity management
  • Warranty management
  • Return management
  • Maintenance management