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Carousel Module


The comprehensive solution for your carousel needs and more

In today's increasingly complex logistics and manufacturing environments, tight integration between your system components is a necessity.

Born from a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS), SOLOCHAIN™’s carousel module is embedded in a sophisticated platform that allows you to deploy enhanced functionality for your carousel. It is easily integrated with your ERP/Financial system and allows for the implementation of a comprehensive set of off-carousel functionalities at your own pace.


Our carousel module bundles the following sophisticated functionalities for carousel operators:

  • Hot pick
  • Hot put-away
  • Batch and Dynamic picking
  • Simultaneous putaway of multiple products
  • Scanning of GTIN-UPC barcodes for picking and putaway
  • Lot and serial number management
  • Fix and floating location management
  • Manual, automatic, dynamic and batch order assignment
  • Synchronization of multiple picking pods to work on the same order
  • Pick and pass to other carousel pods
  • Putaway location recommendation based on product velocity and volume
  • Pick-to-light and put-to-light
  • Stocktaking for a specific product, a specific location or all products
  • Extensive off-carousel receiving putaway, picking and shipping functionality
  • Wave management for complex operations
  • Labelling of outgoing products and/or containers
  • Packing slip generation for outgoing containers
  • Performance dashboard for productivity management
  • Min/max definition per product per bin for replenishments
  • Bin usage reports
  • Volume management
  • Shelf layout management
  • Multiple products to bin assignment
  • Web-based touch screen user interface.


Like the rest of SOLOCHAIN™’s WMS, MES and EAM suite, the carousel module user interface is completely web–based. This translates into a simple intuitive interface that can be used with a touch screen or a conventional mouse.

But most importantly it means that you do not have to manage complex deployment of new releases on every client station. As soon as a new version is deployed on the server, it becomes available for everyone immediately.

Embedded within a complete WMS and MES for off-carousel operations.
The carousel module is tightly integrated in SOLOCHAIN™’s WMS and MES modules. So if you run a complex distribution or manufacturing operation, you get a comprehensive set of functionality right out of the box, without the requirements to build additional system interfaces. This provides you with one single point to control your inventory in real time with a real time total visibility of your operation when required.

Easy to integrate with your ERP/Financial system

The carousel module rests on SOLOCHAIN™’s core technology that provides a robust platform to integrate with any ERP system. A comprehensive set of touch points allow out of the box configuration of complex interfaces to provide a smooth continuity between the carousel module and your ERP processes.

Multi-site and multi-carousel management

The centralized server platform allows you to manage multi carousel in a single site or on different sites. This provides easy centralized and remote management for all of your carousels, regardless of their location