Analytics Tracking

Automated Data Collection


Mobility for the Workforce

Access to information in real time is key to operational optimization. Information must be dispatched quickly and to the correct resource. Workers require the right information in order to perform their tasks quickly and accurately.  Information gathering is validated and updated in real time.  This is all possible with the SOLOTERM solution.

SOLOTERM is a simple, step by step user interface, deployed on many forms of mobile device. Easily configurable, SOLOTERM is well adapted to the needs of your operation. With an intuitive step by step user interface, all the data is available in real time everywhere and data collection is uploaded in real time.

Real Time Information for Real Time Execution

Warehousing and manufacturing operations are complex and require a high level of coordination. SOLOCHAIN optimizes the execution using different user-configurable business rules, logics and algorithms. The workload is dispatched via the radio frequency network and available via the SOLOTERM in real time on the floor. Workers have real time access to accurate and complete information.

The Right Equipment for the Job

SOLOTERM is configured to fit on all types of data capture and mobile equipment. Because each operational context has its specific needs and constraints, it is important to deploy the right type of equipment with respect to robustness, ergonomics, ease of use, performance and maintenance.

Touchscreen interface for electronic tablets

Handheld device for data capture

Touchscreen for floor data capture

Mobile PDA with phone for field operations

Forklift mounted computer

Wearable data capture equipment